I’m kind and weak.

Dear weak hearted and gold hearted people,

This world will make you fall down.        

This world will make you shed tears.     

This world will make you want to be meaner.

This world will make you want to be someone else.

This world will tell you that being kind is being weak. 

And one day or many a times you will feel that it’s not worth being kind.And it’s not worth being sweet and helpful.                                                       And it’s not worth being compassionate and friendly. 

Just know that it doesn’t matter what they tell you. I’m not going to ask you to be strong. Because sometimes you just can’t be strong enough to face all this harsh life. Be weak if you want. Cry if you want. Be mad if you want. Only thing I ask you is don’t ever think of changing yourself and becoming someone you are not. Don’t give up on kindness. Don’t give up on compassion and peace. You may not see the benefit now. You may not get any value for having these traits in you. You may feel more weak than others. But it’s all worth it. Ultimately God is watching. God is watching everything. Karma is watching and karma never forgets. Be good and karma will shine on you. Be good because you are who you are. You are kind. You are helpful. You are weak and strong. You are different. You are one of a kind. 

It’s still difficult to be kind in this world. Especially when you meet people who are arrogant and opportunist. I am there. I’m goin through the same. We are there. We are going through the same. We are all there, even if we are comparatively less in number in this world filled with hate . We are still there and we will always be there. 

One day when we meet each other, you will see me standing there smiling with a golden heart, just like your mirror image. Mirror image of your kind soul. 

Be kind. Be you. 




I am Tibetan and an Indian.

Hello everyone. 

And Happy Independence Day to you guys. I still remember those days when I took history lessons on Indias fight for independence and Mahatma Gandhiji’s Ahimsa approach to win Freedom for India. 

Here we are enjoying the fruits of the seeds planted by them. I am Tibetan, living in India as a refugee since my birth. My grandparents and my parents and now me. We are refugees living in India. Like us there are so many Tibetans spread across different parts of India. It’s hard to find a place in India where there are no Tibetans. 

I have always stayed in India. My studies prevented me from going out of India. And my parents didn’t take me for vacations out of India . Lol. Being a refugee and living in India since I was born and not able to call myself Indian and not having a real identity as a Tibetan always made me feel on the edge of the cliff. I studied till my 8th standard in Tibetan school. There I didn’t face any problem because we all knew where we came from and what we are. 

                     My love for meals 

After I shifted to Bangalore for my further studies. I always found it difficult to get heart to heart with other people. I felt like I had no identity. Some people scorned at me for coming from a small Tibetan settlement. Some made me feel uncomfortable because they knew I was refugee. Truly speaking even though I am a refugee. Even though we all Tibetans are refugees we still feel that we are Indians. We are Indians and we can associate with the Indian soil and the culture while we are still Tibetans at heart. We can never forget where we came from.

There were few who showed interest in my background. They were interested in knowing why and how I came to India. What is the situation in Tibet. I always try to provide them with unbiased answer. I don’t blame China. But no one can hide the truth. The truth will always prevail.  They ask me if I hate Chinese. I say hell no. Why should I hate the whole populations of China when only few people were to blame. When one crab bites you, we don’t go around blaming the whole crab populations. Lol.

There were some who always appreciated me for being Tibetan. And being so exotic. There were few who thought I was a Nepali or Manipuri or many times Chinese etc. You get what I am saying. Few strangers come up to me and ask hi madam you from Nepal. I smile and say yes. It’s so difficult to explain to each and everyone where I came from and how we came to India. 

But for those people whom I study with and go to college or my work place. I explain them and educate them about Tibets situation. Few times during my exam viva some professors ask me about my back ground and my take on Buddhism. That’s my secret of getting good marks in my vivas. It’s always interesting for them to learn new things and see from different perspectives. 

Till now I have learned there are two types of people. First type who have hard core mind and they are not flexible with their ideas. Oh you are Tibetan, so sad , no country , simply staying for free in India and they give you that disgusting smirk on there face. One of my professors  gave me that look and I was taken back. Obviously I couldn’t tell him anything. May be if it happened in USA or something I could have questioned him back. In India it’s very typical and you don’t back answer your teachers even if they are wrong. It hurt me that time.

One foreign lady I met in Bangalore when I was in 11thstandard. I don’t remember for what purpose she came to school but I remember she had come to speak to students. I remember telling her that I am Tibetan and I want to become a doctor. After I said that I was expecting her to say something positive and may be give me one or two advices but she completely shocked me. She gave me a sad look and told me,” Girl, I think it’s not possible for you to become a doctor.” I asked her why but she didn’t give me a clear reply.

When I was studying in Bangalore I never considered myself different from other students but few opportunities slipped from my fingers because I was a Tibetan refugee. 

The second type of person are the ones who gives you a warm smile when you tell them you are Tibetan. They talk to you about Tibet, Dalai Lama and Buddhism . They always have space to grow and they can stretch their brain and add new informations and correct informations which were previously incorrect. Be like the second type of people. 

I know I should by be telling you what kind of person you need to be. But just be true to yourself and try to put yourself in others shoes. 

India provided me with home and education and security. 

Thank you India.

Tibetans in India are Indians by birth and Tibetans at heart. We are Indian and Tibetan.

Happy Independence Day India! 

Until next time.



Ps: to the foreign lady. I am a doctor now what you gonna do. And guys don’t let anyone tell you what you can be and what you can’t do. 

Helping a total stranger, ends with buying Harpic for him! #truestory


Recently shifted to Hyderabad for my PG coaching. This whole new life after finishing MBBS is tiresome and unpredictable. I wish I could just go back to being a simple medical student going to college and not worrying about grown up stuffs! Phew.

Now I’m going to share something which really happened with me few days back. How the events turned out left me wondering about life and the people in this life. Oh yeah, I think a lot. Read ahead:

Location: Med Plus Pharmacy.

I went to buy some medicines and just when I was leaving, a Man came in with an injury on his left thumb and index finger. He asked the pharmacist for a band aid. I enquired the Man how he got hurt, just to make sure that he didn’t need any other treatment. This Man was different because he had malformed left hand and his right hand was amputated at the elbow joint. He replied saying he had fallen down while crossing the street. I knew he required a good cleaning and dressing for his wound. Just seeing how helpless he was I was broken and I felt like helping him out.

The Man

So I asked the pharmacist to give some spirit and swabs for cleaning. I cleaned the wound nicely. After which I applied ointment and wrapped it up with few band aids because they didn’t have roller gauze. During the whole process one aunty beside me was staring at me and smiling. That did not bother me much. When I was done, I was pretty much impressed with myself,that i was able to help someone.


The Man asked me if I was a doctor and I said yes. He kept the conversation going and said something like my mothers having knee pain, she was admitted in the private hospital, we spent this much for the treatment. I had no idea what and why he started telling me all this information. I guess people tend to behave like this once they know you are a Doctor. Through out the conversation I didn’t say much, I was just listening to him. After a while he asked me what he should do for his mom’s severe knee pain. I asked pharmacist for Volini cream ( just for symptomatic relief from pain ). I told him to use this for few days and if it doesn’t subside than refer to Ortho Department at Gandhi hospital.

Before paying the bill, I just asked if he needed anything else. That’s where the Harpic part of story pops in. He was too clever to ask me directly. He started with ummhhh I usually clean my toilet but now a days my mother is cleaning and she doesn’t know how to clean. This stuff he said didn’t make any sense but I played along because I didn’t want to be a jerk. ( I was neck deep into Hey, I’m miss Nice personality , returning seemed impossible ). After a bit of awkward silence he asked me ” Madam, one Harpic bottle”. At that moment I was confused harpic? What harpic? Than it clicked me, previously in the conversation he said something about toilet and cleaning and mother. I realised I had become his Genie.



I thought okay why not? Just one harpic bottle right? I turned to the pharmacist, I realised he was not interested in us anymore. All this while the pharmacist was an active member of this scene unrolling before him. The pharmacist refused to give Harpic, I said its alright. I think all the while he knew it will end this way!

I bought the harpic and the rest of the stuff, payed the pissed off pharmacist and handed over the plastic bag to the Man. I also gave him some last advice, when to take off the dressing and stuff. He thanked me and went off.

Thats Why Harpic?

After the Man left, the pharmacist lectured me saying people like that are always demanding for more and more and more. These kind of people are never happy and they will never stop demanding. He was speaking out of his experience. I said now a days most of the people are like that only. I didn’t want him to think I’m some sort of stupid kid. It’s hard to fine someone who is other wise. He nodded.

After reaching home I couldn’t help but wonder where did I go wrong? How could I have prevented this from happening to me? How can I control the situation if the same thing happens to me again. How can I make him stay in his limit?

I knew its wrong to take advantage of someone who is helping you. Its horribly wrong. You know the story about a boy and the giant tree. How the tree helped the boy by  giving part of his branches initially. Later the boy got so greedy and he cut down the tree to build a house. It was even more wrong that I didn’t STOP him.

Really I have no regrets about what happened with me. But I never like it when people take advantage of me.

Imagine your in my situation and he asks you for a Harpic. What if he didn’t stop there?

This is it guys.


The barma.

PS: I want to know if you were in my situation how would you handle it? Do you think the helpless man went too far? What would you like to advice me? Please comment below and subscribe.

Hack 1st Year MBBS!

Hi everyone!

This is written especially for the First year medicos.

The Starting life

After we join M.B.B.S., we are the happiest people on the planet earth, while some may feel the opposite if they were forced into joining medicine. Let’s talk about the happy ones first. I was one among them. Being happy is very good but make sure that after a while you step down from your cloud nine and do a reality check. Make sure your not being over confident and don’t ever take M.B.B.S. for granted. Start reading, prepare for the class test seriously and be up to date with the portions covered in class.

For those who were forced into medical field, always remember that your parents want the best for you, being a Doctor is the highest status in all communities. May be your scared because you think that you will not be able to get through it but know that anything is possible. Just believe in yourself! I have few friends who were pushed into medical field for various reasons but they have turned out amazing!


Dr. House M.D.

The Subjects

For Indian system we have three basic subjects :

Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology.

What your professors don’t tell you is that what ever you learn, you should always integrate the information. Link the anatomy with physiology and physiology with biochemistry. It may be difficult in the beginning but as you keep going on it becomes more easy and a time will come when integrating information comes naturally to you. Make your brain link and link and link information.

Benefits : You tend to remember the information for a very long time.

Crack the subjects


Before you start reading any book , grab Netters Atlas of Human Anatomy. See the diagrams as you read from the book and imagine. Imagination plays an important role. Our brain remembers pictures better than words.

That’s when the desiccation classes come into play. Concentrate in dissection hall. Dissect, examine and read. Dissect, examine and read.

Histology is one of the most difficult and confusing part of Anatomy. The drawings may seem easy but don’t get fooled! All the histology slides look amazingly similar especially during spotters exam. God bless us!

Right on point!

Tips: always notice something special in each slide. Ex. Appendix slide will always be round shape, penis slide will look like a face etc etc. and some may identify slides based on type of cracks on the slide! Funny but true story.


Many of the students feel it’s dry as the desert but remember that biochemistry has only one paper while anatomy and physiology have two papers. This subject may decide your fate – whether you will go to second year or no! I know it sounds harsh but many students miss few marks in Biochemistry and they fail. While in the other two subjects, if we get less in one paper we can compensate in the 2nd paper!

Tips : Make notes, practice those cycles, re-read the notes. Discuss with your friends if you find it difficult to study alone.


It’s a beautiful novel written on the human body. So, just read it like a normal story book. For physiology we just need to read, read and read. Give importance to the definitions, list of factors mentioned under each topic ex. Factors affecting renal clearance etc.

Basically in physiology just try to understand the concept and let it evolve as you keep reading more topics.

Tips to Score More 

Basic: Good hand writing. I am serious. It may fetch you extra 5 marks.And paper presentation.

Anatomy: Draw diagrams. Lots of it! Draw anything and everything. If you don’t remember any diagram, invent it. Yes! It will definitely get you some extra marks.

Mention the relations: medial, lateral, Proximal and distal relations. These words are must in Anatomy.

You may add one or two lines of clinical correlation ex. for Inguinal canal you can mention about Inguinal hernia and surgery done is hernioplasty. Something like this.

Biochemistry: Draw cycles neatly and mention the enzymes and arrows. Try to add flow chart wherever necessary. Be very direct with the answers. Biochemistry works on All or None phenomenon, either you know the answer or you don’t, no time for BS!

Physiology: Start with the definitions and draw diagrams wherever necessary but no need of drawing too much like in anatomy. Make flow charts. Sometimes you might not have sufficient time to write essay type answer so just convert it into a flow chart form. It will save time and you can go to other questions.

The Golden Rule : Never Leave Any Questions Unanswered! Sometimes we might get one or two questions which you have never heard or read before, whatever it may be try to write something. May be you will get lucky who knows. Its said that for merely attempting  itself we get one mark.

I know exams are coming up in few months. Its never too early to start preparing for it.

Only God can Help us now!

Please share and comment if you have any hacks which can benefit other students.

All the best guys!


The Barma.


Hello everyone!

Happy Holi-days!

During these holidays, I came up with the Logo for my blog. I got inspirations from the logos on the google search engines. But mine is original, generated directly from my brain.

image1 (1)
Be Barma!

Let me explain the Logo part by part.

The ‘B’ is for Barma, which is my family name. Barma is a Tibetan word which means ‘ in between or middle ‘. My grandfather was given this name because he was the middle sibling. Since then my family is called Barmatsang, tsang meaning family. We, Tibetans, don’t keep their family name as surname. So, my official name is just Chime Lhatso.

I have created a mirror image of B, which symbolizes the two sides of every coin, heads and tail, yin and yang, good and evil etc. Recently, I am trying to shift between being a Doctor and a Fashion blogger! Phew!

‘BB’ is also meant as ‘Be Barma’, classy and sassy, isn’t it! The Butterfly effect brought by the mirror image of ‘B’ symbolizes our soul which is beautiful, independent and free.

The Pentagon surrounding the ‘BB’ symbolizes our comfort zone. We are always in our comfort zone, refusing to do anything which shifts our balance and makes us vulnerable.

Quoting Robin S. Sharma, ” As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.”

I always try to come out of my comfort zone, my blog is me coming out of my comfort zone.

Hope you guys liked it.


The Barma.




Since most of my peers are done with M.B.B.S. and are preparing for the Post Graduation entrance exams, I decided to make a list of PG exam books to help us prepare better along with our PG Coaching lecture notes.

In recent years, various books have come up for entrance exams creating lots of confusion as to which books to refer and to buy. Below mentioned books are trusted by many students and comes with high recommendations.

Before going into that, let’s see the marks distribution of questions for AIPGMEE.


Marks Distribution.


So, basically we can divide the above subjects into two categories :

  1. Long subjects: Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology. Pharmacology, Pathology and Microbiology. Social and Preventive Medicine. Internal Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  2. Short subjects: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. ENT and Opthalmology. Orthopedics, Radiodiagnosis and Radiotherapy, Psychiatry, Anaesthesia, Dermatology and Venerelogy.


How much time to spend on each subjects?

 Number of Day for a subject = Weightage of the subject in AIPGMEE

That is a universal equation but other factors affecting are : some short subjects may take even lesser days. Yeah!  If your interested in some particular subjects, you may take less time to finish it.

The books which are highly recommended are mentioned first. If you don’t like that particular author than go to the second one.


Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology:

  1. Across: A complete review of short subjects. Volume 2.
  2. Review of PGMEE by Amit Ashish. Volume 1.


  1. Review of Pharmacology by Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta.  8th edition.
  2. Self Assessment and Review of Pharmacology by Aravind Arora.
  3. Review of PGMEE by Amit Ashish. Volume 1.


  1. Review of Pathology and Genetics by Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta.
  2. Self Assessment and Review of Pathology by Aravind Arora.


  1. Self Assessment and Review Microbiology and Immunology by Rachana Chaurasia and Anshul Jain.
  2. Self Assessment and Review of Microbiology by Aravind Arora.
  3. Review of PGMEE by Amit Ashish. Volume 2.

Social and Preventive Medicine:

  1. Review of Preventive and Social Medicine ( including Bio-Statistic) by Vivek Jain.
  2. Self Assessment and Review of Preventive and Social Medicine by Aravind Arora.
  3. Smart Study Series: Preventive Medicine by Deepak B Saxena.

Internal Medicine:

  1. Self Assessment and Review Medicine by Mudit Khanna.
  2. Medicine for PGMEE by Ashish Gupta and Amit Tripathi.Volume 1 and 2.


  1. Surgery for PGMEE by Ashish Gupta and Amit Tripathi.

Paediatrics: has many common topics as Medicine.

  1. Self Assessment and Review of Paediatrics by Aravind Arora.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology:

  1. Self Assessment and Review Obstetrics by Sakshi Arora.
  2. Self Assessment and Review Gynaecology by Sakshi Arora.
  3. Smart Study Series: Obstetrics and Gynaecology by Punit Bhojani.



  1. Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects. Volume 1. It contains Dermatology, Anaesthesia, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Radiodiagnosis, Psychiatry, Opthalmology and Orthopaedics.
  2. Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects. Volume 2. It also contains Forensic Medicine and Toxicology.
  3. Self Assessment and Review of Short Subjects by Aravind Arora. Volume 1. It contains Skin, Anaesthesia, Radiology and Psychiatry.
  4. Self Assessment and Review of Short Subjects by Aravind Arora. Volume 2. It contains Opthalmology, Orthopaedics and ENT.
  5. Self Assessment and Review ENT by Sakshi Arora.



  1. Roams Review of All Medical Subjects by Reetu Agrawal and VD Agrawal.It covers all medical subjects and its given in point wise manner. I recommend it after going through the above books. Its very good for revision just few months prior to Entrance exams.
  2. DNB CET Review for Primary and Post Diploma by Ishad Aggarwal, Gaurav Bharat and Aditi Bharat. Volumes 1, 2 and 3.
  3. Sure Success Magic by B. Ramgopal.

Do leave comments if you have any favorite authors that I didn’t mention.

All the best!

Just remember that you can do it and you will do it.

Quoting Eric Thomas “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.



Graduation Pics!

Me wearing light peach, pearl work saree from Kashish, Hyderabad and blouse from Soch, Kalaburgi.

Just happy!


Make up and hairstyle by L’Oreal.

Looking bit angry?

Jewellery from online.

Earrings from Craftsvilla and it’s totally worth every penny.

Gold choker from Dressberry, Myntra.

Watch from Michael Kors.

Selfie love.